May 31, 1994: MAGNA CUM LAUDE

Dear Dominic,

The root causes of all difficulty are disobedience and pride. You rarely gave me difficulty—and see the result? You are now a college grad (magna cum laude!) with a great future ahead of you. Musically talented, a well-rounded, well-adjusted guy everybody likes.

Seattle University graduation.

Seattle University graduation.

I pray so hard everyday for all of us. I’m so happy you love us, Dominic. You have always been the only joy in my life. Yes, I love your sister, but we’ll never be close again—I accept that. And Dad—I have more respect for him than anyone alive. How all around wonderful he’s turned out. Flawed, yes, like all of us, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. Please keep praying for his conversion. It’s so important—it’s everything. Only eternity matters.



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