October 10, 1996: SKIP ANY DETAILS

Dear Dominic,

It was good to talk to you again. When you write, skip any “details” you know I don’t want to hear. We all make mistakes.

What is important is that you realize now those errors. Repent of them (go to Confession) and reform your life. Come back totally to Our Lord now and soon to us. We will always be united in Him.

Many things are happening and fast. Do not believe anything you may see in the sky. If anything “unnatural” occurs soon, you must come home immediately. I will send more info soon.

Also, we’ll be sending you a birthday present soon. I want to get it in the mail before the holiday rush. We love you. Will call soon—-no more long lapses.

Love always,


p.s. A little cash for your needs.

2 thoughts on “October 10, 1996: SKIP ANY DETAILS

  1. Who or what is the Stationary Vortex? The Imaginary Axis?

    What are the Streamlines and Pathlines? And what does it mean that they are Closed?


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