February 11, 1997: OF MICE & MEN

Dear Dominic,

Thank you for the letter. I’m sorry you’ve been so sad and so cut-off. Unfortunately, you are the cause of your own sorrow as well as the cause of our sorrow. What an incredible turn of events! The “home that once was,” as you put it, is gone forever for all of us. I pray every day for healing and reunification for all of us, but, still, nothing that was will be again and all that could have been will never be. “The best laid plans of mice and men.” Oh, well!

As for the “details” of your “affection” for your roommate, you’ll have to understand that I find it hard to believe. Frankly, I may never believe any of you again. Forgive, yes, because my salvation depends on it. Forget, never. Trust, highly improbably. Accept anything other than a normal or celibate lifestyle from you—never. I have read enough about the homosexual’s disordered mentality to know that any attempts you make to play on my emotions or love for you (which will always remain) will never get me to accept the lifestyle.

We love you and want you back in Seattle. We will support you totally if you give up your obsessive disorder. It is totally possible for you to live a celibate lifestyle if you do not wish to marry a woman. Many men have successfully done so. Nothing else is acceptable. Painful as it may be, you need to decide soon.

Terrible things are beginning to happen and this country is going to have serious problems very soon. Neither you or your sister will make it on your own and your “partners” will desert you both because there is no real love there, only self-interest. I’ll be right here.



4 thoughts on “February 11, 1997: OF MICE & MEN


    July 6, 1997 A.D.* : HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Dear Dominic,

    Enclosed are some VERY important tapes you NEED to listen to regarding a direct corollary between AIDS and Gulf War Syndrome.**

    Thanks for calling and wishing your parents a Happy New Year! But I suppose you must have realized that your father and I will NOT have a Happy New Year!!

    We can’t understand WHY you won’t go for HELP to overcome this horrible condition. There IS help available.

    I hope you realize that your father and I love you and your sister. Why don’t you love us? We were good parents–not perfect–but good. How could you NOT come to us for help? Unless you LIKED those feelings.

    It’s not too late. You can still be helped. Let us help you.

    VERY SOON you will see MAJOR happenings of what I’ve been trying to tell you. Please COME HOME before the real trouble starts. REPENT and REFORM.

    We will always love you.

    Mom and Dad

    * She started adding A.D. to her letters for some reason: Anno Domini, Year of Our Lord.
    ** ?!


  2. Dom, Your sharing of these letters is inspiring. Your story is an important one- sure to affect all readers. I wonder at your faith- even still? Keep writing, sharing and inspiring. The world needs your story and to know the good, kind man you are.


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