Dear Dominic,

You have destroyed our family—you had health, looks, intelligence, talent, education, and so many more gifts and potential to serve your God and contribute to the family, but you’ve thrown it all away.

There is not much time left.  We may not be able to communicate in any way soon—all avenues will be cut off.  You just won’t listen, so there is nothing I can do.  You have hurt us so bad, but we still love you.  We were always an afterthought to you—bottom of the barrel.  Well, all your wonderful acquaintances will desert you when the shit hits the fan and society will get rid of all “undesirable elements”—LOOK AT HISTORY!  It will repeat itself with a vengeance.  The Lord is coming back soon.

There is no human person I love more than you, but I also love Dad and “S” so much.  Someday you will cry bitterly—you will be utterly devastated when your eyes are opened to your own sin—Praise the Lord!  But I probably won’t see it from this side.  God help you!

Love forever,


One thought on “April 3, 1999: WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN

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