December 25, 2001: #1 PRIORITY


Are you your #1 priority?

Does it bother you, ever, that you may never see your parents again?

Does it bother you, ever, that “yes” you can be wrong and are on your way to hell?

Is your only priority your own personal license?

Are you so incapable of self-control and rehabilitation?

Does it matter to you at all how many people you have hurt?

Do you care at all about the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?

May Jesus open your eyes to your error and have mercy on your soul.


Mom and Dad


Dear Dominic,

Despite the passage of seven years, I still can not comprehend your horrible choice to live in opposition to all of God’s laws and risk eternal damnation.  There is no doubt in my mind that you are not homosexual.  And so, this deadly choice is even more incomprehensible.  I wish you would at least explain to us what happened in your life to lead you into hell.  I do not believe that any part of your upbringing was so terrible as to lead you to live the way you are, negating all your gifts, wasting your life.  I have never believed the psychiatrists: if what they say is true, at least half the world’s population would be queer!  But it is obvious to us now that your “priorities” (as Fr. “Z” called them) include neither God nor family.

War is here and it will get much, much worse.  Get on your knees and ask God’s forgiveness and when you get up ask for help to live chastely.  I can not comprehend how one who is so loved could hurt others so incredibly.  Your punishment scares me!  But maybe you never had the Faith after all.

Oh, what a waste!

May God forgive you,


September 11, 2001: I WILL STAND IN THE BREECH

Dear Dominic,

In the light (or darkness) of this horrible attack on our country, I feel compelled to once again remind you that the Lord is coming back soon!  This attack on our country is a judgment allowed by God to punish this nation for all the horrible things we really do: exporting and pushing the butchery of abortion here and abroad, allowing paganism and perversity to reign free, especially the abomination of homosexuality!  Open your eyes—you’ve been wallowing in error, you are wrong, you are doing evil.  You must stop and repent now.

This country is going to war.  We could die at any time.  Your soul will be lost forever if you don’t repent and give up this filthy addiction that enslaves you.  We love you too much to lose you forever.  I will stand in the breech as I have been, but I can’t be there forever.  You must repent.  Come home.  Give it all up!  Start over.  If war erupts (and it will) you may be drafted.   Time to get right with the Lord.  Maybe the military will make a man out of you.

Forever loving you,


January 18, 2001: I GUESS I NEVER KNEW YOU

Dear Dominic,

I have been told to tell both you and “S” that you may have inherited a propensity for high cholesterol.  I’m sure you have regular medical check-ups considering your high-risk “life-style.”  You may also have a problem with diabetes.  Better than some of the possibilities looming for you.

I still can’t believe you have turned out to be so sinful and so totally self-centered.

I guess I never knew you.