June 16, 2002: ALL CORDS ARE CUT


We’re so glad to hear how wonderful your life is and what a popular guy you seem to be.  Well, I guess we’ll have to all wait to see what the Lord says about our actions.

No need to worry about any more tapes, articles, letters, etc…You are in God’s hands–I’ve tried my best but I’m too weary to continue.  Enjoy your new family–you won’t have any more reminders of your “polyester past.”

Grow up yourself!  Real parents?!  You had them once.  And the only bullshit is from your camp.  I only regret that I won’t have the opportunity to knock you on your ass just once!

You need not waste $.37 returning this all torn up!  Consider it done.  All “duty” is ended (your’s long ago!).  All cords are cut.  You are completely free of us.

May God have mercy on your soul.

[Again, she signs her full name.]


HORSES AND SODOMY | February 8, 2002

Dear Dominic and “S”,

While the two of you wallow in your selfish, self-indulgent, perverse “lifestyles,” the world has seen the beginning of World War III, i.e., Armageddon.  I’m sure neither of you are doing your homework.  Of course, not—you’re too self-absorbed with horses and sodomy to consider you are both on your way to hell—forever—unless you WAKE UP NOW!

So sorry you were born when you were, but tough!  Satan has you both by the short-hairs—and most of your generation, you pitiful weaklings!

But I am doing my duty according to Scripture, God’s Holy Word—All praises to the Trinity!—by warning your sorry asses.  Get your heads out of the sand.  You must repent now.  We probably will not see each other again.  I hope and pray you will be saved.

Glory to the Blood of Jesus,


January 1, 2002: THE ONLY ONE TRUE LOVE

Dear Dominic,

We received your pictures.  Please send no more–they only remind us of your betrayal.

I do not believe you.

A son would not abandon his parents (or his God!).

A son would not hurt and grieve us so horribly.

A man would not live the way you do.

You paint your own picture by what you do, not what you say.  Talk, talk, talk.

Miss us?  I doubt it.  A son would not go so far away for so long.  Neither would a daughter.

But then neither of you know what it is really like to care more about someone else than self.  How could you.  You’re not a man.  Discipline; self-control; selflessness.  You have no idea.  I will send you one last gift soon.  It may buy you some time one day to repent.  Take it seriously.

As for me, I hope to be with the only True Love as soon as I can.  I pray God will open your eyes.