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2 thoughts on “FEEDBACK

  1. Hey Dominic – Instead of grading Comp II essays, I find it difficult to stop reading your work. I always loved everything you wrote and shared in grad school, and now I get to immerse myself in your engaging prose. I am presently reading Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, and feeling that, not only your topic, but also your style is so similar. When I stopped practicing Catholicism, my mother would say over and over: “I can’t believe you lost your faith, ” to which I would respond, “My faith was never in an institution, but always has been in Christ.” I remember having brief conversations with you regarding your mother’s position regarding you as it related to the legalism of Catholicism. I’m guessing you have read Waugh. The Masterpiece Theatre production of Brideshead is one of my absolute favorites, but I realized recently that I had never read the novel. Waugh’s portrayal of the insidious, choking grasp the institution has on those who swallow it whole (perhaps so breath can come for a moment?) is magnificent. I left practicing Catholicism in 2002. Here in Florida, I am very active in a non-denominational community bible church, where I direct all the drama presentations we produce. All our productions are original, so I also get to write and see my work on stage, which is such fun. I know there are members of the church to which I belong who judge their brothers & sisters in Christ. Those of us who truly belong to Him, however, know he is concerned only with our hearts, and that it is His business to judge. How sad that there are those who believe that God never makes mistakes – never creates a human being who is not wonderful & beautiful, but somehow continue to rationalize some of his wonderfully and beautifully created children as “mistakes.” I find it difficult to understand how so many who so easily point out the “sin” of others, find it so difficult to recognize self- righteousness. That’s all for now – gotta go grade some mechanically/structurally/grammatically incorrect essays. It is great to be an English Professor, though. Love to you & Scott. You better come see us next time you come to Florida!

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